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Disable the Label in Your Community

A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I presented on the beautiful campus at Butler University, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme for this event? Disable the label. It was an incredible event. Everyone that walked in was encouraged to write a “label” defining themselves and wear it like a name tag. Some of the “labels” […]

Major Incident at United Airlines

  In a world of protests and divisiveness, a pilot leads a group of caring United Staff in a collaborative effort to help the Handicap This Productions Team on and off their plane. That may sound easy or like it’s “no-big deal”, but we are here to tell you that it was an incredible feat. […]

Inclusion, Awareness, and Acceptance

Over the years I have had a front row seat to a special project. It is a project of inclusion, awareness, and acceptance. You could call it Handicap This’ baby brother. It is a fictional story about Hank and Allie authored by the Creative Crusader himself, Denis Berkson, aka Mike’s Dad. Hank is not your […]

Power vs. Manual Wheelchair

I have been asked many times in many different settings why I prefer to use a manual wheelchair vs. a powerchair. Before I answer this question, I should give you a little background about my personal experiences when it comes to the powerchair. For a time, I did use a powerchair because it seemed like […]

Becoming Your Own Self-Advocate

Looking back on my educational career as a student, the subject I had the most difficulty navigating through was math. Often times, I would get frustrated because I knew the answer, but I couldn’t fully explain how I got there. And in math class, the correct “how” is equally as (or sometimes more important) than […]

Time to Make Flying More Accessible

Having had performed our two-man stage show as far west as Los Angeles, CA and as far east as Boston, MA, Mike and I are no strangers to flying. Unfortunately, majority of the time flying is the most challenging part to our trips. The thing is though it doesn’t have to be. Many of the […]

Have an Accepting School You Can Be Proud Of

We all want schools that are accepting and understanding. Unfortunately, that is much easier said than done. Even though our hearts may be in the right place, our minds can often mess it up. Never fear… here are our experiences and tips on how to make that goal of acceptance a reality. (Editor’s Note: In […]

What Your Doctors May Not Be Telling You About Cerebral Palsy

Before we get into it, please recognize that these observations are made solely from my very personal and specific situation. I am 26 years old, I am verbal and I have a severe case of mixed quadriplegia – cerebral palsy, which unfortunately places me in a Doctor’s office more than I would like to. First […]

Finding Inclusion During Life’s Transitions

Over the past few months in anticipation for the launch of Making Minds Handicap Accessible: The Classroom Experience, we at Handicap This Productions have remained focus on providing content beneficial to high school students and teachers. Well most high school students eventually become college students. To address this challenging transition we welcome guest blogger Devin […]

A Movement Towards Acceptance

A few weeks ago I enjoyed the opportunity to step out from behind the scenes with Handicap This Productions and take center stage, well at least metaphorically. This opportunity I speak about occurred during the 2015 Chicago Abilities Expo, Friday, June 12th through Sunday, June 14th. During that weekend I provided Tim and fellow behind […]

Classroom Resources for Inclusive Education

Making Minds Handicap Accessible – The Digital Classroom Experience has been five years in the making. Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach have traveled all over the United States sharing their message with almost 100,000 people (and counting!). They have performed their live stage show for grade schools, high schools, colleges, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit […]

Abilities Expo Chicago 2015

What is the Abilities Expo? First and foremost it is an event for the disability community. They have compelling workshops, assistance animals, the latest tech all under one roof! It has been the go-to resource for the Community of people with disabilities, their families, seniors, veterans, and healthcare professionals. Keep up with the latest technology, […]

Anti-Bullying Starts With One

A valuable concept Handicap This Productions looks to promote with the forthcoming Making Minds Handicap Accessible: The Classroom Experience product involves respect and civility. When respect and civility exist in an environment, bullying ends. Today’s guest blogger, acclaimed anti-bullying speaker Tony Bartoli, demonstrates this with his real life story! Cerebral palsy made Tony a favorite […]

Look Before You Leap

Look Before You Leap By Brian Moore Listen all you people who think you have a PHD in judgement. Don’t view the book by its cover; open it up and discover. What you see is not always what you are going to get. Anyone’s life can be a platform for success. If you do your […]

Speaking Up So Inclusion Thrives

Inclusion starts by placing people together in the same classroom or environment. Emphasize “starts.” After all if the person who uses a mobility device or speaks with a speech impediment goes ignored, what good does the inclusion do? From my experiences living with mild cerebral palsy, I found speaking up can make an inclusive environment […]

The Desire for Acceptance – Julie D. Riley

As we at Handicap This Productions continue the countdown towards the release for Making Minds Handicap Accessible: The Classroom Experience, we welcome guest blogger Julie D. Riley. Making Minds Handicap Accessible: The Classroom Experience will take Handicap This’ message calling for an inclusive, accepting, and bully free environment straight to high school classrooms all over […]

Acceptance Through Shared Interests

When talking inclusion a crucial element can easily go overlooked, acceptance. With acceptance inclusion thrives. However, the unknown that often comes along with a disability can make finding acceptance difficult. Perhaps before I continue I should define what I mean by “acceptance.” Acceptance to me means seeing past the diagnosis, mobility device, or whatever differences […]

Teaching Acceptance – Megan Key

  In the coming months as we at Handicap This Productions prepare to release the innovative Making Minds Handicap Accessible: The Classroom Experience we will bring you guest bloggers who echo the new product’s message. That message promotes an inclusive, accepting, bully free environment. Today we welcome Boardman Local Schools (Boardman, OH) special education teacher […]

Accepting Differences

Accepting Differences Two years into my tenure with the Handicap This Productions team the fulfillment I receive from the association only continues to grow. When I read Tim’s book How We Roll I became hooked. So much about Mike and Tim’s story resonated with me. One item in-particular really struck me, something Mike’s father Denis […]

Guest Blog – Cortney Kovack

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to, Cortney. She came into this world 19 years ago. We anticipated bringing a healthy baby girl into this world. We didn’t know otherwise until at 2 months old the doctor noticed she was unable to focus. After numerous doctor’s visits, she was diagnosed with cortical […]

Handicap This! to Perform at Ridgewood HS (IL)

On Lincoln’s Birthday, Handicap This! emancipates a live special community audience by making their minds handicap accessible. NORRIDGE, IL – On February 12, 2015, in honor of Lincoln’s Birthday, Handicap This! will film before a live audience. This groundbreaking community performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Ridgewood High School auditorium at 7500 W. […]

72 Killer Resources For The Special Needs Community

                  We are extremely excited to offer a list like this. We have traveled all over the country and have met some amazing people and amazing organizations. We felt that their had to be a way where these organizations could be recognized. Then we thought, WELL DUH! […]
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